Saturday, December 31, 2011


Officially on two days ago, 28th December 2011, I have 'graduated' from all courseworks. What left for me to finish before the due time, which is on Sem3, 2011/2012, is writing up my thesis.

Before that....

Yes before begin the writing, I must touch up my research proposal so it would convince all jurist either from department or kulliyyah.

Great gratitude to my supervisor, Dr. Shah b. Jani for assisting me in creating an interesting and convincing research proposal.

InsyaAllah, it will be submitted to be discussed in department meeting before the end of January 2012. Amin ya Allah..please assist me!

Owh, not yet...!

Afterwards, it will be discussed once again in Kulliyyah level. Where I would defending it for the 2nd time after department level. Yes..scary, ain't? Before this, I mean in the beginning of my master in UiA, this 'defending' thing hadn't started yet. But as soon as Dr. Rahmah had been appointed as Deputy Dean of IRKHS, this new so-called process began.

So whether I want it or not... I have to go through those 'scary' processes. However, I believe there will be a silver lining behind those experiences.

Just then, after being approved by Kulliyyah committees, I can begin writing for the next chapter...Yes!

Can't wait for the moment to come!!!

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